SeaMonkey Logo Ranking, Step 2

This second step of our process goes one step further: Now all Council members were to tell their favorite logo (along with their arguments for it), possibly some runner-ups from the list from the first step.

Unfortunately, the 5 Council members picked 5 different favorites, which makes it more difficult to come to a conclusion. I again tried to come to a ranking from that, taking possible given runner-ups into account.

So, the following table ranks the logos by three systems (I couldn't decide which would be best as second system):
1) How often was it picked as favorite?
2) First gets 4 points, second scores 2, third 1 - all others ignored.
3) "Song contest system": First scores 12, second 10, third 8, fourth 7, decreasing by one for the rest.
Additionally, only images scoring in system 2 are listed.

Logo Votes
ID Full Logo Icon Small System 1 System 2 System 3
5 more logos with only system 3 score