SeaMonkey Dev Pages

These developer pages try to supply some access points for SeaMonkey project dev resources.

In 2005, submissions for a new SeaMonkey logo were collected here, and those can still be viewed in the logo gallery (see also the overview page).

Note that almost all watches below are currently updated roughly once per hour.

SeaMonkey Checkin Watch

See also: "human-readable" pushlogs

Bug Watch

The following bugs have been filed in the SeaMonkey product in the last 48 hours:

ID Status Resolution Reporter Component Summary
1269195 ASSIGNED Frank-Rainer Grahl Passwords & Permissions Data Manager enhancements for non domain permissions and preferences
1269172 NEW Rainer Bielefeld General Behaviors transposed for {Click on Scrollbar} and {Shift+click on Scrollbar}
1269145 NEW Felix Miata General Scrollbar buttons missing
1269133 NEW Philip Chee Preferences Remove add-on compatibility check from application update (app.update.mode)
1269095 RESOLVED FIXED Frank-Rainer Grahl Installer Port Bug 1261009 to Seamonkey and remove Data Store api from Seamonkey installer
1269082 UNCONFIRMED Rainer Bielefeld General CRASH when launch with User Profile created with SeaMonkey 2.0.1: Reason "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ"

Bug Statistics

Weekly statistics on SeaMonkey Bugzilla activity:

Bug statistics for more weeks

Bug Radar

The bug queries below mark bugs that block our upcoming release(s) and patches marked for approval to land there and need some traction:

SeaMonkey 2.39: approval+ (0) approval? (6) tracking+ (0) tracking? (6) fixed (2124) TM:fixed (19) TM:open (1)
SeaMonkey 2.40: approval+ (4) approval? (5) tracking+ (0) tracking? (5) fixed (1917) TM:fixed (15) TM:open (1)
SeaMonkey 2.41: approval+ (3) approval? (1) tracking+ (0) tracking? (8) fixed (1966) TM:fixed (14) TM:open (0)
SeaMonkey 2.42: tracking+ (1) tracking? (7) fixed (1958) TM:fixed (21) TM:open (1)

All release radars

checkin-needed list

Metrics (Download and Usage Statistics)

The Mozilla Metrics team is delivering some statistics to us about daily download and used installations of SeaMonkey. We also pull some less accurate SeaMonkey downloads directly from the "bouncer" tool running on servers.

See download and usage metrics || Watch most current download numbers

Build System Porting Tracker

This tool tracks changes in the Mozilla build system that may need porting into the comm-central build system.

View overview of changes to port

Other Resources

There's not much else to see here yet, see the SeaMonkey project page, the SeaMonkey wiki pages and the SeaMonkey blog for more information about the SeaMonkey project...